Do you have a Herpes? It helps treat cold sores, and genital herpes zoster with HerpoPro

HerpoPro ® is the only natural product ingested and processes for herpes. The contribution of L-lysine and L-arginine amino acids along with other essential amino acids helps improve your immune system quickly and efficiently. Patented formula with no side effects.

Herpes virus
Herpes virus

Virus herpes

Herpes simplex is an inflammation of the skin which consists of a set of small vesicles in clusters. It is a chronic disease that recurs in situations of weakened immune system.

Herpes genital
Herpes genital

Genital herpes

Genital herpes symptoms and not always, when present, are commonly known as shoot. The main symptoms are sores that can appear in the area where the virus came into contact with the body ...

Herpes labial
Herpes labial

Labial herpes

Before the appearance of blisters, there may be several signs. To begin with, itch, tingling and burning around the lips and mouth. In a second phase may occur fever, sore throat and inflammation.

Introducing HerpoPro to help in the treatment of herpes and genital sores

Why choose HerpoPro?

1. Safety of use

Natural product with no side effects

2. Lysine-Arginine Association

The importance of the antagonistic effect exerted by lysine vs arginine. Also contained two amino HerpoPro

3. Rapid absorption

The secret lies in a formulation based on pre-digested amino acids and hydrolyzed with a source of L-lysine in peptides made for an immediate absorption

4. Patented product

HerpoPro contains a formulation with international patent

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