Formula and mechanism of action

HerpoPro is a patented based casein hydrolyzate product. It has a synergistic action mechanism which comprises both an antiviral action as immunomodulatory.

HerpoPro effectively combats the herpes through a synergistic mechanism of action.

1. Interference in viral adhesion
Administration of casein hydrolyzate when inoculating a virus
increases resistance to infection, suggesting an interaction between the peptides of the hydrolyzate and molecules of the cell membrane, interfering with viral attachment and subsequent cell entry.

2. Blocking viral replication
VHS replication and pathogenicity is suppressed when a lysine / arginine lysine favorable balance.
Lysine intake is effective in reducing recurrences, severity and healing time for HSV infections.
HerpoPro formulation contains a lysine / arginine lysine favorable balance suggesting that also acts by blocking viral replication.

3. immunomodulation
Several studies have demonstrated the immunomodulatory action of peptides derived from casein. The casein hydrolyzate of HerpoPro is in the form of dipeptides and tripeptides which have demonstrated high bioavailability (rapid absorption and rapid effect).

HerpoPro tested and patented formula.

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