What's HerpoPro?

The first solution ingested amino acid-based formula patented processes herpes



erpoPro has been developed with patient welfare. It is the only ingested and antiviral Patent solution whose mechanism of action has proved highly effective antiviral action.
It is widely known that the amino acids and the building blocks of proteins, are crucial for optimal preservation of our immune system. Dipeptides and tripeptides hydrolyzate having HerpoPro will provide high bioavailability and rapid action at the level of the whole organism (systemic action).

We rely on 3 mainstays :

  1. HerpoPro contains an innovative patented amino acid based predigested formulated and hydrolysates.
  2. The rapid absorption of dipeptides and tripeptides contained in HerpoPro that provide high bioavailability and immediate action.
  3. The antiviral action demonstrated HerpoPro and the optimum balance between lysine and arginine.

HerpoPro tested and patented formula.

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